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Can you use photographs, slides and negatives? What is preferred?

Photographic prints may be scanned even if damaged or faded. If extensive restoration is needed, we will notify you of any additional charges. In general, the larger the print the better the image. We like to see 8 x 10, and can also work from 11 x 14; but we have worked with images smaller than wallet size.

Glossy prints produce better results than matte finish prints, but we can work with matte prints also. Linen-finish prints can be especially troublesome – we may call to discuss with you before proceeding.

Negatives produce excellent results, especially if enlarging beyond 20 x 24. If possible, please include a print of any size that represents your color preferences (we will use the negative for sharp image scanning, and use the print for color manipulation). We can work with any size negative.

Note: APS film will be removed from its canister and a section of film cut out for scanning. The film will be returned to you but will no longer be usable for automated prints (will require manual printing). In general, APS film images tend to be less sharp and crisp compared with 35mm film, so enlargements beyond 20 x 24 are not recommended.

Slides and transparencies (mounted or unmounted) also produce excellent results. We can work with any size transparency.

How about original art? Can you work from an oil painting or watercolor?

This is common for us. We do art reproduction regularly. We take an intermediate step, due to the size of most original art: we make a transparency (either 4 x 5 or 8 x 10). This highly accurate transparency is then scanned to produce the giclee. We recommend that you have the transparency made and send it rather than sending the original art. If you elect to send the original, please remove it from any frame and ship with adequate packaging and insurance. We will do the same when returning it along with your giclee.

How long will it take to complete my order?

Typically, we ship within a week after receiving your order. Turnaround time could be increased if extensive restoration is needed.

What about copyright work?

We respect all copyright material – we reproduce copyright material only if accompanied by a release. We must have written permission.

Copyright can be confusing for some, especially when discussing professional photography. The fact that you bought and own a print does not authorize you (or us) to reproduce that print. If the photographer will allow you to reproduce it, please enclose his/her written OK along with the print.

Old photographs are considered outside the above restrictions. For example, we may legally reproduce your parents’ or grandparents’ old wedding photograph even though it may have been a professional photo.

Note: if you have the negative (or slide), then you also have all reproduction rights.

How long will my canvas photo last?

Your canvas will far outlast the original photo. We use only specially formulated UV inks, so your canvas will remain light-fast for generations. In addition, we coat with a UV protective coating for extra assurance. Under typical low-light indoor conditions, 100 years of perfect color is considered reasonable.

Many of the inks used elsewhere may fade badly in a few years; some are actually worse than even an ordinary photograph.

What sizes are available?

Some standard sizes are 11 x 14, 16 x 20, 20 x 24, 24 x 30 and 30 x 40. But other sizes may also be done, such as 9 x 12, 16 x 24, etc. Within reason, we can accommodate virtually any requested size or shape, up to 6 feet or so (our only restriction is even-inch dimensions -- no fractions). For example, long, narrow panorama images are not unusual. Please ask.


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